No Gods, No Flags, No Bullshit

by Faderhead



This track was released as my personal reaction to the Paris terror attacks of Nov 13, 2015 and as a statement about all the reactions by media, politicians and mostly those of regular people.

I have always been a proponent of "live and let live" and of the idea that anything goes, as long as you are not negatively impacting or restricting other people's lives. Unfortunately exactly that happens way too much in the name of religion, righteousness, moral convictions and simple (often completely baseless) personal opinion.

Salman Rushdie famously said "How do you defeat terror? Don't be terrorized!" and that was the reason why this is a simple, dance track with a "classic" Faderhead sound and an accessible, shout-along chorus. I simply did not want to make this statement more complicated than necessary and I wanted to encourage the enjoyment of life/living as opposed to living in fear of whatever may come.

This song is the first single from the upcoming album "FH-X" (out in February 2016) and it is about freedom. Real freedom ... where people that do stuff you don't like can do it as long as they don't interfere with your life. And you get to do whatever you want within these guidelines, too.


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Religious wars, man
That's people fighting
Over who has the better imaginary friend

Simple mind, polybrain
Never knew diversity
Only know what you believe
Never question anything
Celebrate lobotomy
Brain got lost along the way
Way too little time to think
And also no capacity

No gods, no flags, no bullshit

Follow A, blind to B
Happy in monotony
All you know is all that's here
Never challenge anything
Why proof?
There's no need
You just know cause you believe
Takes a lot of time to think
Cause you got no capacity


released November 19, 2015
Music & Lyrics: Faderhead

Spoken Intro: Frank Sparti


all rights reserved



Faderhead Hamburg, Germany

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