by Faderhead



“If you feel that nothing you are is good enough for yourself, then you only have two choices: you can either give up completely or you can separate yourself step by step from who you are. And then try to become someone who you like more. The songs on ‘Asteria’ are snapshots of this process.” - Faderhead


released October 4, 2019

All songs written/recorded/produced by Faderhead.
Additional production by Jörg Lütkemeier, Marco Visconti and Michael Gillian.
Mixed by Faderhead and Michael Gillian.
Mastered by Faderhead


all rights reserved



Faderhead Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: From His Broken Bones
I’ve lived the life of the mind
Machine-like grind
Forceful logic

None of this can make me whole
All the silent nights alone
And on my gravestone
They’ll inscribe these words, I know
“He liked to read the future from his broken bones”

I live the life of the times
A life of grime
Broken mind-tricks

How do you overcome the suffering of life?
Track Name: The Other Side Of Doom
Buzzsaw automation
We love damnation
Black holes where we had souls
Dead alone
Can’t know what you don’t know

We can’t be just one
We’re on the other side, I know
We can’t be just one
We’re on the other side of doom

Base-law desecration
Weak stance foundation
Black holes where we had souls
Dead alone
Can’t know what you don’t know

Lift up the sign on the banner
You never knew why it mattered
Can’t carry on with the passion
You have to follow with action
Track Name: Watching The Watchers
You can not have one hundred percent security
And one hundred percent privacy
With zero inconvenience

Sky above, earth below, peace within
Not as easy as they say
Sacrifice prison bones
See-through skin
This is just the price pay

In times when severed heads prevail
Times when secrets can’t remain
Hard to speak, hard to be
When they look at me

Deeper minds, memory graves, buried sin
Nothing ever leaves from here
Endless faith, endless time
Endless pain
Push towards the next frontier
Track Name: With A Borrowed Knife
I don’t know how to say it
You don’t know how to face it
Harder once you fall
Hard to know what’s going on
Writhe until the dawn

This knife does not belong to me
But I will borrow again
This life does not belong to me
But I will end it today

I don’t know how to hate it
You don’t know how to take it
Rolling once it rolls
Hard to stop what’s going on
Writhe until the dawn
Track Name: The Acid Witch
I’m not inside my mind
I’m not inside myself
I’m not inside this world
And I’m not somewhere else

I’m with the acid witch
Track Name: Slowly We Inch
These are times where severed heads prevail
Some days all logic seems to fail
Looking back, can’t see the past
Common sense fading too fast
The enemies of reason blast

Slowly we inch
Drowned by water thought

These are times to speak the truth you see
When distorted speech destroys the free
Cretin armies don’t know the past
Decent thought fading too fast
The enemies of reason blast

The battle of ideas goes on, it’s relentless
It happens in the trenches
And no way to win the battle of ideas
If everyone decides to leave it to someone else
To fight it
Track Name: Murder
Your scars are maps of who you are
Like tattoos you did not choose
I leave the body I know

I drive further
Murder everything I am
I am

In my heart
I know I could go far
If my shadow would stay behind me
I leave the body I know
Track Name: Asteria
Souls like snow and ice
One more sign of the times
What is left to say?
Chills in my spine
From the frozen smiles
I’ll be on my way

I’ll be on my way

I can see my death from here
I earned my regrets and dream away
There is just one thing I fear
Living on and always being scared

I’ll be on my way

I’ll concede defeat sometimes
Hide inside my cave until I rise again
Mirror shows what I despise
Looking to the stars reveals a better man

I’ll be on my way
Track Name: Mistakes & Pain
I saw the war
I saw the night fall
I saw the road
I saw the light go low

I’ve been every way
That I was led
Mistakes I don’t regret
On my own
Nothing unsaid
The pain I don’t regret

I saw the holes
And I saw time stall
I saw it all
And had this mind blown
Track Name: Neophobiac
Never seen
Atmospheric energy
Mindkiller unbelieved

This is the hardcore soul
This is the heart untold

Mythic storm
Last man
Legend born
Rise higher
Never stay

All seeing
Terror drone
No mercy
Crushing bones
Artificial future sold
Track Name: Halo
Every girl
Carries a circle of hell around her head
Like a halo

What’s this sound
All alone
It’s just you
Your thoughts growl
What’s this hound
Chasing down
It’s just you
You run now

Where’s the fiend
That’s in me
It’s just this
My thoughts scream
Where’s the dream
That I seek
Late at night
My thoughts freeze
Track Name: The Bottom
Look around in the night
And see neon eyes
Illuminating the skin
Stare with creepy smiles
All this weight in hand, shadow left behind
Silent killer, a friend that is giving life

From the bottom of the souls of the others
I light mine
With the fire of the hearts that I had for a while
From the bottom of the souls of the others
I light mine
It’s the only thing that I have that shines

“This is a sign of the times!”
Printed on the signs
The stranger makes us afraid
We just smile and lie
Everything that was you needs to crash and die
Bring the shadow back
Bring it back inside
Track Name: Dancing All Alone
Dark smile
Dark mind
Dark soul
Dancing in the corner
All alone

There’s a darkness of soul
But she smiles all the time
She moves better than most
She will never be mine

There’s a darkness of soul
It’s just the way that she likes
As the night unfolds
She keeps dancing alone

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