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Starchaser EP

by Faderhead

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Ranae  thumbnail
Ranae The king

Ctrl Alt Delete is a tune that not only is catchy but is bad ass. Should be a single bigger than a lot of the alt shit that's currently playing in the United states
DJ Cubus
DJ Cubus thumbnail
DJ Cubus Starchaser continues Faderhead's continuous evolution on the way paved by previous songs like Escape Gravity, Horizon Born and Nothing Changes. A great, dark but hopeful EP with engaging melodies and thoughtful lyrics of self-improvement and resilience from start to finish. Favorite track: Starchaser.
Thomas Krauser
Thomas Krauser thumbnail
Thomas Krauser It's very, very dark and aggressive. but don't get me wrong. seems like FH seems to be at a turning point Favorite track: Darker Please.
teufelsweiblein thumbnail
teufelsweiblein I fell head over heels for Faderhead‘s music, when he released FH-X. His songs have gotten ever better since then, proving this to be true now again imo. With melodies on point and catchy lyrics, I just can‘t help myself and overstrain the repeat button. Love it! Favorite track: Darker Please.
wburgers thumbnail
wburgers this is just awesome beautiful track to play out loud Favorite track: Darker Please.
Light My Way 04:50
Resisted gaze Nothingface When life spins inside Helicopter brains Broken souls No control Limbic system burns What is left of hope I light my way with bridges burned And use the lessons that I learned Once again someone I know becomes someone I knew I light my way with flames of my own truth Computer state Life replayed These hearts grind to grime Until life decays Wish on stars Small and far Everything will change When the past departs There's a deep idea in the west too It's like: pick up your damn suffering - and bear it
I'm out of control Broken brain all the time
Time creeps Unpleasantly Procrastinate Complacent waiting Weight pulls Bucket's full One more hack Two steps back It's time Get mad at your robot self Mind sleeps On reality Altered states Still sedated In bones I know that I wasted time I fold Too much blame to assign Too cold To feel the frozen is I To feel the frozen is I
Starchaser 04:25
Suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds meaning. Endless flight Into the night Solar rain Hopeful today Chaos aligns Order subsides Mind pain Out till l've awakened I've been chasing after stars So far Try to find just where you are So far away Power ignites Deities fight Emptiness reigns Nature at play Chaos aligns Order subsides Mind pain Out till I've awakened
Ctrl-Alt-Del 04:20
I've been on a mission Remove this attrition Reuse the replacer And hide from the chaser I've done I've been I've tried To win this Rewind Repeat Then you ctrl-alt-delete I've been on a mission Remove opposition Light up the eraser And hide from the chase
She liked the night And staring at the rain Close inspection did reveal her pain To me The pain of everything and nothing at all At the same time At the same time She liked to smile When playing little games Until I found out that she had no name Just shame Afraid of everything and nothing at all At the same time At the same time And when she looked at me She said Darker please She liked to hide When trying to engage I saw it studying her face Again, again She was everything and nothing at all At the same time At the same time


released March 11, 2019

Music & Lyrics by Faderhead

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Faderhead

Additional production by Marco Visconti and Michael Gillian


all rights reserved



Faderhead Hamburg, Germany

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